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TC Premium Sparkling


Extension of our Tirol Color® roofing sheet product range - the TC Premium Sparkling bitumen roofing sheet for pitched and flat roofs.

TC Premium Sparkling - our high quality and innovative addition to our well known and proven TC Classic program.
The product range Tirol Color® in premium quality summarized:

  • brilliancy anthracite granule (Sparkling)
  • relieved foil-laminated edge trim
  • High-quality bitumen coating substance with improved flexibility at low temperature as well as heat resistance and improved strength properties
  • robust longitudinal thread reinforced plastic fleece reinforcement


This bitumen waterproofing sheet is highly resistant to all kinds of influences such as (rain, hail, snow load, frost / thaw cycles, etc.) and is resistant to flying sparks and radiating heat (Broof t1).

In conclusion TC Premium Sparkling is an inexpensive solution for the roof with an above-average long service life.



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