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News E-ALGV-3 sk/Safeguard and E-KV-5GS-wf/Premium


Adaptations in our bitumen vapor barrier sheet E-ALGV-3 sk/Safeguard and bitumen green roof sheet E-KV-5GS-wf/Premium to improve the installation and ease of use.



Bitumen Vapor Barrier Sheet E-ALGV-3 sk/Safeguard

The bitumen vapor barrier sheet E-ALGV-3 self-adhesive has been converted to our proven "safeguard" technology.

Safeguard stays for safety seam overlap and has been specifically designed for bitumen vapor barrier sheets used on wooden ceilings. 

The inner section of the longitudinal seam overlap is equipped with self-adhesive bitumen mass which adheres when the bitumen vapor barrier sheet is laid out. Half of the longitudinal seam overlap is therefore already sealed and a flame entry into the ground (wood) therefore prevented. 

The "outer half" of the longitudinal seam overlap has a double-sided foil lamination and is then comfortably safe and permanently welded through the torching method.


With this additional function, our adapted bitumen vapor barrier sheet E-ALGV-3sk/Safeguard is even more user friendly ...



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Bitumen Green Roof Sheet E-KV-5GS-wf/Premium

Our bitumen green roof sheet E-KV-5GS-wf in "premium" quality received a new surface texture upside. Instead of the gray schist granule now in green roof optic with "green schist granule".
In case the greenery is taking its time, our E-KV-5GS-wf/Premium is UV-resistant and the look designed to appeal as a top layer in the meantime.



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