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E-3 | 4 sk/Safeguard


Extension of the range of self-adhesive bitumen sheets with a safety stitch in the longitudinal overlap.

The ÖNORM B 3691 writes for the laying of bituminous waterproofing layers on warm roof constructions the following:
"The laying of the first bitumen sealing layer on thermal insulation panels made of expanded polystyrene foam can be through cold self-adhesive, loose or by mechanical fixing.
The scarfing of the overlapping areas is permitted only with additional means of protection of the insulation. "

In addition to the requirement in the Austrian Standard for design and execution of roof waterproofing it is important for us to develop our products so that safe working with an open flame is guaranteed.

The principle of the safety stitch works like that: the outer half of the longitudinal seam overlap has a 4 cm wide, double-sided foil laminating.

This guarantees a safe scarfing of the overlap while the inner section is already adhered by the self-adhesive bitumen mass.

By reactivating with the flame the outer 4 cm of the longitudinal seam it is glued tight together and a flame entry into the ground (EPS | PUR insulation, wood, etc.) is prevented by the self-adhesive inside.

This safety stitch solution (Safeguard) waterproofing system by Bitbau DÖRR not only meets the ÖNORM (Austrian Standard) but also brings a lot more security in the processing.



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