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Bitbau DÖRR protects historic centre of Mantua, Italy


In the course of the general-roof renovation at the Basilica of Sant 'Andrea in Mantua, Lombardy (Italy), Bitbau DÖRR supplies the bitumen waterproofing sheets.


In 1470 Leon Battista Alberti was commissioned to build a church in the middle of Mantova to store and worship a holy blood relic. The city of Mantua in the province of Lombardy, which is with its 49,000 inhabitants, is surrounded by 4 lakes and historically well known. Once through the story of Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo was banished to Mantua, as well as the story of Andreas Hofer, who was executed in Mantua.


In the last years the centuries-old basilica has been maintained through extensive renovation and restoration work. In the main roof of the nave  (approx. 2.200 m² roof area) was in 2015 the historic mission roof covering partially exposed, in order that one of our produced bitumen waterproofing sheet can be processed (in a 2ply system) to protect the underlying frescoes and ceiling paintings in the arch permanently from the weather.


In addition to the waterproofing sheets Bitbau DÖRR advised about the roof structure for the rennovation measures and developed a tailored restructuring plan. Both bitumen waterproofing layers have been developed specifically for the project requirements because the waterproofing sheet serves as a base and link of the mission roof covering laid in the mortar bed.


Bitbau DÖRR protects though its waterproofing sheets the Basilica of Mantua for decades - faithfully according to our mission to protect structures and people.